Fun Activities in Brazil for Your Meaningful Travel Experience


Choosing Brazil as your destination for your next trip might get you wondering what activities this country offers. You can start by checking out the social media feeds of travelers who have already visited Brazil or finding videos that show popular adventures in Brazil.


Traveling in this country can give you the adrenaline you want to feel when traveling. It would be best to check out the largest river in the world, the highest waterfalls, and the dunes of Brazil. Also, the wilderness of their jungles and volcanic mountain ranges will make you fall in love with the country even more. You can achieve extreme adventures through water and land activities and start testing your limits. To help you on your trip to Brazil, here are a few activities you might get involved with to achieve a meaningful travel experience.


Go Surfing

Brazil’s expansive coastline allows travelers to enjoy their stay on the beautiful beaches. One of the most awaited activities in the country is the surfing culture, especially when it’s high tide. Try jumping on the wave even if you’re still a beginner. You can count on the surfing program here to train your balancing abilities with the board. 

Prainha, Brazil


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You can get into walking and hiking in Brazil, a good place because of its UNESCO sites and ecosystems. Search for the best spot for a one-day mountain hike or a week-long trek to the jungle. Get a chance to explore Brazil on foot through volcanic tours, beach walks, or mountain trails. You will achieve the most rewarding fun hiking activity in this country, and ensure you have your camping equipment ready.

Hiker with backpack and Trekking Pole enjoying sunset on a dense Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil


Tour to Rainforests

Do you want a thrilling adventure to Amazon? You may have found the right destination. Brazil allows you to enter the forest with preventive measures like programs and orientations. Also, before having a tour of the rainforests, you have to finish a training session about basic survival skills for your safety and knowledge. You will surely enjoy the river-crossing, muddy trails and the fog-sightings along the way. It would be best to show your kind attitude to the villages and tribes where you will stop by and learn about indigenous life.

Boats crossing a river in the Amazon rainforest


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Appreciate Art

You may think appreciating art is not adventurous, but Brazil will change that perspective. It is one of the best activities in this country since it plays a big part in their culture. The communities in Brazil have creative outlets that unify them. Also, some programs include enhancing people’s talent in artwork through organized activities. Get inspired by the arts from Brazil, and take this adventure as your inspiration to appreciate art even more.

Municipal Park Roberto Mario Santini, Brazil


Animal Care and Conservation

There are over 64 national parks in Brazil, that have programs for conservation to protect them. Over 200 projects and programs are looking after the wildlife in this country, making it a perfect place for you to engage in such significant activity with great causes. Brazil is a natural habitat of over four million animal species, like pink dolphins, diverse monkeys, and other endangered animals that need protection. It would be best to participate in such causes to make your travel meaningful.

Parque das Aves, Brazil
Parque das Aves, Brazil


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