Historical Amelia Island


To lots of tourists, Amelia Island is a newly found heaven. But centuries of individuals have actually been attracted to its relaxing coasts as well as charming all-natural elegance.

According to neighborhood mythology as well as historic proof, Timucuan Indians very first populated Amelia Island as early as 2000 BC. The Timucuan individuals were understood for intricate body tattoos in yellow, black, blue as well as red.


The island was initially called “Isle de Mai” (Island of May) by Jean Ribault, a Huguenot leader that arrived at Amelia Island in 1562. It is claimed that when Ribault as well as his soldiers showed up, they rated by the Timcuans as well as offered baskets of berries. Even though the Spanish had actually asserted the location in 1513, these French homesteaders revealed rate of interest in the Island to assert land for France as well as to look for sanctuary from the spiritual as well as political mistreatment offered to Huguenots.

image from PETER LAKOMY – Two bridges connecting Amelia Island and Big Talbot Island, Florida. Nassau County.


Though Ribault as well as his firm did not decide on Amelia Island, various other Huguenots landed in 1564. This 2nd swarm created Fort Caroline in Northern Jacksonville near the mouth of the St. John’s River. In 1565, Spanish soldiers involved the location, eliminated the French inhabitants as well as restored the area, which they had actually asserted as their very own years prior to.


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The arrival of these Spanish soldiers brought about the very first Spanish power from 1565 to 1763. A goal called Santa Maria was improved the north end of Amelia Island in what is currently called Old Town. The objective was produced to transform Indians to Christianity. At that time, the initial name “Isle de Mai” was transformed to “Isle de Santa Maria”.

Image from Paola Giannoni – Amazing aerial view of Amelia Island from drone, Florida – USA.


In the years to comply with, the Timucuans of Amelia Island obtained call with the Europeans, as well as British negotiations in the North quickly took an eager rate of interest in the normally deep ports as well as the critical profession course areas on the island. Once once more the name of the island was transformed, this time around to “Amelia” in honour of the Princess Amelia, child of King George II. James Oglethorpe, Governor of Georgia, placed the name adjustment in position in 1735.


The British transformed the name of the island to “Amelia”, however the land did not come under British hands till the Spanish Florida was traded for British Cuba in 1763 in an arrangement under the Treaty of Paris. During British guideline, Amelia Island was called Egmont.


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In 1783, the Second Treaty of Paris finished the Revolutionary War, as well as Florida was gone back to Spain. In 1811 a property surveyor called George J. F. Clarke outlined the community of Fernandina, called in honor of King Ferdinand VII of Spain. The Patriots of Amelia Island, an independent team of American private citizens backed by the United States federal government, took control of the island, eliminated the Spanish, as well as elevated the American flag. The list below day, Amelia Island was delivered to the United States.

image from Benkrut – Amelia Island Lighthouse. Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA.


1870 to 1910 was taken into consideration the Golden Age of Amelia Island. During this period, numerous rich Americans made Fernandina their residences. Elegant Victorian design homes were integrated in what came to be called the Silk Stocking District. Ulysses Grant went to the Egmont Hotel, among the grandest resorts of its time. The turn-of-the-century boom of Amelia Island transpired with the development of the delivery market, as well as boosting varieties of New Yorkers that came passed by boat to delight in the cozy environment as well as stylish resorts in Amelia.


In current years, Amelia Island has actually expanded as well as flourished as a prominent traveler location. Many holiday accommodation options are readily available to fit every type of vacationer, as well as the Amelia Island Plantation is taken into consideration to be among the globe’s ideal island locations. Modern visitors are discovering what centuries had actually currently understood: Amelia Island is a real prize.

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